CodeChef Div 1!

So there was a long gap in the contests on Codeforces. I was only able to participate in two contests this week:

  1. Codeforces Round 533

  2. CodeChef January Cook-off

I have already uploaded the solutions to the problems I tried on Github. I'm very happy that I was finally able to make my way to CodeChef Div 1! The problems in the cook-off were surprisingly very easy, though I haven't upsolved any of them yet. But overall difficulty seemed simple or easy, but interestingly there were very few submissions on the harder problems. I don't know if that has to do with university exams or something else but there was less participation I think which is why the results were poor.

I'm very interested to solve all of those problems and have a good understanding of why they had poor submissions on them. Also I will upsolve the Codeforces problems which IMO were as expected. I was able to solve two of them perfectly and the third one had one DP solution which I had no idea during the contest. Seems like I have to improve my DP approach to the problems.

This was mostly it, the week was tiring as always. I really hope of some good holidays to come in the near weeks. Also interestingly I started watching Narcos (a series on Netflix) just because I love Breaking Bad. It seems to be fun, I'll have some more episodes to watch this week.

Thanks for reading, seeya next week ;)