Awesome start for new year!

This is the last day of the first week of January. The results of GCI are supposed to be announced today at 22:30 IST but I'm not that curious for the results since I have already blown up the chance of winning something.

In GCI I was only able to complete 10 tasks which is far less than many of the other candidates. I still have 3 years left for GCI, hence I think I can get better eventually and finally have a go with the prize.

This week was fun, the only thing I missed is the lack of coala maintainers. I'm not able to contribute anything to coala currently since there are very few active maintainers and a lot of stuff is dependent upon them. I think the maintainers specially jayvdb should be free until next week.

I participated in 3 contests in total.

  1. January Long Challenge (ongoing)

  2. Hello 2019

  3. Codeforces Round 530 Div. 2

All three of them were very good. I started to realize that I make big mistakes, and most of the times I miss some of the required points in the problem. I have pushed the solutions to both of the Codeforces contests on Github.

I still need to solve more problems, specially harder ones, that is the only way I can get better with problem solving.

I will post the discussion for the long contest in the upcoming blog post.

Keep smiling 😄